Columbia, MO

Call it a large "town", or a "small" city - one thing is certain - Columbia , Missouri is a wonderfully diverse city, brimming in a wealth of Diversity.

Columbia is rich in diversity, offering a plethora of activities for all ages, cultures and lifestyles.

Retirement on your horizon? Statistics boast that Columbia's cost of living is 8.2% below the national average for living costs of retirees, one of the many reasons Columbia, Missouri is #8 of Kiplinger's elite list of best places to retire. 

Outdoorsy? There are 72 parks on 3,397 acres and 58 miles of trails in Columbia's rich landscape. There are also 11 indoor recreational facilities.

Maybe you are more of the Traveling' kind? Columbia Regional Airport offers a growing hub of services.

Perhaps your 'jet-setting' requires a shopping spree - take a venture into downtown Columbia's "The District" where you will find a 50 square block area of unique shops and restaurants and coffee shops and adult beverage establishments. 

Columbia, Missouri has an estimated population of 123,195 and a Median home value is $185,700.... which incidentally.... brings us to why you are here.......

Sing it with me now.... Hey! Mikki!.....



About the Neighborhood

There are community events
Neighbors are friendly
Great schools
Great for retirees
It's walkable to grocery stores
It's walkable to restaurant
Easy commutes
Good transit
Parking is easy
There are sidewalks
Yards are well-kept
Streets are well-lit
Great hospitals
Parks and playgrounds
Lots of wildlife
It's quiet
It's dog friendly
Kids play outside
Great nightlife
Walking / Hiking trails

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